Friday, October 7, 2016

American Horror Story: 6

Not sure if any of my readers follow the show, but I don't miss an episode. Every season has left me waiting for the next. The crazy roles, plot twists, & surprises.. Never disappoints! 

This season, My Roanoke Nightmare, has taken a dramatic change compared to the past five seasons. There is narration, new actors, and reenactments. Although I was skeptical this time around, I'm four chapters in and am already in love. If you don't watch, you should definitely check it out! There's some strong content, but we're adults here, right? 

This season, we're going back in time to the colony of Roanoke. Every episode, the story gets more & more.. well.. bizarre. 

Lady Gaga is featured in the season, & she is an AMAZING actress. She plays her part so well, as she did in season five.

Kathy Bates just fits this show perfectly. I couldn't imagine watching without her.

Cuba Gooding Jr. made a surprise entrance in the show this season. I think it's awesome AHS is featuring such great stars in the show, switching it up season-by-season.

And where the hell is Evan Peters?!? I know he's still doing the show, but hasn't made an appearance on the first four episodes. I found this awesome link that speculates what role he could be playing this season. You have to check it out.

But alas, I miss Jessica Lange. She stopped doing the show a few seasons ago, saying it was "behind her now". I'm not sure if she'll end up making a comeback, but I do hope so. 
Ms. Lange is Queen Supreme here. 

American Horror Story, 5 stars, highly recommend :)

Happy October!

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