Saturday, October 1, 2016

Enter to Win a Babyhome Vida Stroller from Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine ($399 Value!)

I just entered to win the Babyhome Vida Stroller!

Your baby can have an awesome ride, with an adjustable handlebar, 180-degree reclining seat, and nice shade with the canopy. 

& the entry form is super quick!! That's always a plus. 

Check out Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine's site for even more giveaways this October! 

Enjoy :) 

Favorite Fall Looks

Fall fashion is pretty fun. You can start pulling out your sweaters, boots, and pumpkin spice is everywhere. I'll miss you Summer, don't stay gone too long.

My favorite Fall looks are really basic, actually. (Lol) 

I like to pair a flannel with some leggings, and Timberland boots. It's casual but chic.

I loooove sweaters and distressed jeans. Very comfy and cute at the same time.

Don't forget, you really can't go wrong with cardigans & scarves either.

Long live cute boots & pretty leaves!
Happy Fall!!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Am I Right Or..

I'm just a little obsessed with making sure my nails are in pristine condition. It's so frustrating how much I have to touch up my fingernails. Don't hate with how much I change them. You know, beauty is pain I guess. 

Toenail paint is so much easier, considering they probably could survive a nuclear war. BUT, if you're gonna paint your toes, you should probably do it before your nails, just to make sure everything is as pretty as you want it. I feel gross if my nail polish routine isn't in order. Is that just me? 

Finding the time to do so, is a challenge in itself. But if you get some down-time, treat yourself girl! There's nothing better than the feeling of a fresh coat. I'm always trying to find new colors and styles I like. If anyone wants to share tricks or tutorials, it would be much appreciated. :) 

Life with Baby Kicks

Fly Nail Friday

It's finally Friday! Have an awesome manicure for the weekend using these ideas!

Whether you're doing your own, or going to get them done, treat yourself to some nail candy, you deserve it after a long week, right?!?!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Enter to Win Baby Deedee Sleepsie Lite Baby Pajamas ($29 Value)

Baby PJ's are just too cute. (& who doesn't love shopping for baby?)

Great for sleep & play!!

I entered to win one pair of Baby Deedee Sleepsie Lite Baby Pajamas.

It's the perfect all-season, cotton pajamas for your baby. Plus, they have plenty of other cool products you should definitely check out at:

Good luck & happy giveaways :)


Throwback Thursday

Remember when...

Music wasn't auto-tuned? 
Of course you do. I miss the Tupac days, and the days when music was just, well, better. 

There's more classics where that comes from. If music was the same now, I dunno, I just think the world would be a better place. 

Anyway, I could go on forever about all of the great things that have came & went. Throwback Thursday is something everyone can contribute to. 

Remember when candy was just so awesome? I mean, it still is. But back in the day, we had:


OH. Let's not forget the awesome cartoons. 

Ugh, can someone just take me back to the 90's now? 

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Enter To Win a Diono Car Seat & Car Organizers


I just entered to win a  Car Seat Diono& Car Organizers

The Diono Stow 'N Go has seven full-sized pockets and two drink holders! The fabric is waterproof and washable. The top straps wrap around your headrest, and the bottom fastens around the seat. This would keep my car sooo much cleaner!

The Diono Travel Pad keeps toys and books organized. Handy, right?

NOW, the car seat, is what I'd really love to win. Isn't it awesome?!

And you can win all three! 
Enter now!

This giveaway is being hosted by:

Tie Dye'd Tuesday

I, myseslf, am a sucker for anything tie-dye. Making it, buying it already made.. whatever. The colors and it's general look are really classic to me. 

I wanted to share some cool HOMEMADE stuff that you can do for a good deal, and it's super simple. 

All you need is: 
1 white-tshirt, or sweatshirt, whichever you prefer :)
1 Tie-Dye kit, or individual color bottle
Rubber bands

**Make sure you have a safe, covered surface for the dying process, or take it outside. A plastic bag is best to wrap it in once you're finished and waiting for the color to set in your shirt. And of course a sink to rinse it in.**

That's it! 

The whole process is actually really fun and hassle-free.

You just have to decide what kind of tie-dye you want on the shirt, and rubber band it off as that style directs you. There's sooo many tutorials on youtube, you'll figure it out ;)

Here are a few good videos on the 'Swirl' style.. which is my favorite! Hope you enjoy :)

Monday, September 26, 2016