Friday, October 7, 2016


Probably the coolest app ever, Polyvore. You create a board and SUPER cute outfits. Including anything you can think of. Designer brands to your local Walmart. So you can even narrow your style down to what prices fit you! (Or just play dress up.)

It's something really fun to do. Pass time & discover some new fashion along the way! You can make a set and put whatever your little heart desires in it! From shoes, jewelry, clothes, nails, makeup, bags, and much more!! Sign up and comment your username so I can like your sets.
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Enjoy :) 

American Horror Story: 6

Not sure if any of my readers follow the show, but I don't miss an episode. Every season has left me waiting for the next. The crazy roles, plot twists, & surprises.. Never disappoints! 

This season, My Roanoke Nightmare, has taken a dramatic change compared to the past five seasons. There is narration, new actors, and reenactments. Although I was skeptical this time around, I'm four chapters in and am already in love. If you don't watch, you should definitely check it out! There's some strong content, but we're adults here, right? 

This season, we're going back in time to the colony of Roanoke. Every episode, the story gets more & more.. well.. bizarre. 

Lady Gaga is featured in the season, & she is an AMAZING actress. She plays her part so well, as she did in season five.

Kathy Bates just fits this show perfectly. I couldn't imagine watching without her.

Cuba Gooding Jr. made a surprise entrance in the show this season. I think it's awesome AHS is featuring such great stars in the show, switching it up season-by-season.

And where the hell is Evan Peters?!? I know he's still doing the show, but hasn't made an appearance on the first four episodes. I found this awesome link that speculates what role he could be playing this season. You have to check it out.

But alas, I miss Jessica Lange. She stopped doing the show a few seasons ago, saying it was "behind her now". I'm not sure if she'll end up making a comeback, but I do hope so. 
Ms. Lange is Queen Supreme here. 

American Horror Story, 5 stars, highly recommend :)

Happy October!

Vintage AF

Am I the only one that loves the look of old band tees, cardigans, & distressed jeans? It's so classic. Simple and fun.

Cardigans are always a quick and cozy choice. You can pretty much pair one with anything. I like the baggy, warm ones.

I usually lean toward Pink Floyd, Sublime, or The Rolling Stones tees. But I also have my thug side. & I bring out my Tupac and A$AP Rocky gear.

You can pair these outfits with your favorite sneakers or a cute pair of flats. Stay comfy!

 I'm really all about getting in ready in 10 minutes, in case you haven't noticed from previous posts. Anyways. Just sending some vintage-vibe inspiration your way. Enjoy!
Sincerely, Paula

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Perfecting the Messy Bun

While this has been a very hot hairstyle forever, I have found it takes such little effort! Yay to easy hair days!! 

My hair is very thick, curly, and coarse. So I just kinda throw it on top of my head without much thought.

Fear not. No matter what hair type you work with, you too can pull it off. 

It's best to perfect this look when you're hair is straight, tangle-free, and dry. 

Make sure you have a hair tie you trust, that's really the only challenge. ;) 

Simply pull your hair back like you're going to put it in a ponytail, wrap it into a small bun, then tie it off. I usually try to expand mine by pulling it and letting some pieces of hair fall out after I tie it. (Messy look).

Also, if you struggle with thin hair, just do a little teasing before! It makes all the difference.

Here is a step-by-step that is very similar to the way I perfect the messy bun.

Enjoy an effortless, but cute hair day ladies :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Caramel Apple Cupcakes Recipe

After just posting about how I want to lose some weight, I just HAD to find this delicious-looking recipe. I might have to have a cheat day for it.

Fall-time foods are fantastic. Between the pumpkin, the chocolate, and everything in between. 

& who doesn't love cupcakes? I couldn't tell you.



Check it out here!


Epic Mommy Adventures

Monday, October 3, 2016

Motivational Monday

I'm the last person to even utter the word. Motivation? What's that?? 

But in all seriousness, it's time for me to set some goals. 
Dare I say... 
A diet?

I really could use some pound shedding. If I could lose 25-30, I'd be satisfied. 

A recent study says coffee & tea are actually GOOD for weight loss. Fabulous! I'm half way there.

 "The caffeine kicks your metabolism into high gear. Caffeine also jump-starts the breakdown of fat in the body, which can speed your weight loss. Overall, only one to two cups a day is ideal to stimulate a healthy weight loss. The fact that coffee and tea are good for you isn't new."

I'm more of a coffee fanatic. Although, different types of tea have different purposes. So, that's pretty cool.

Baby steps, though.
*Please don't judge if this is complete bullshit and ends up being a total failure*

I don't have time to run for an hour a day. But sure, I can walk some laps around the house. Excercise plays a big role in a diet. I'll have to start somewhere.

 I found some 15 minutes -- & you're done workouts. Can't beat that.

I love pizza & pop. I'm going to kiss those goodbye starting today. :( 

BUT, I've found cool detox ideas that I'm gonna give a try. 

I'll be posting weekly updates on what I've been doing, and how much weight is coming off. 

SO. Starting weight, today, 64.7 pounds. 

Here I go. 

Ice cream sounds so good.. 

I definitely got this.

Lord, help me.

Happy (kinda) Monday!!

Netflix & Chill

Everyone needs some downtime. Watching Netflix & stuffing my face in bed is usually the route I take. If you don't, you're probably not American, or really need to try it. 

My recent frustrations with Netflix leave me boggled. Why are there not better options for things to watch? Why is everything so cheesy? What kind of category is that? WHERE IS THE VARIETY?! 

Ugh. I honestly feel like I could direct better movies. Or even script TV shows. Almost every option on Netflix has either been done a million times, or is too lame to keep my attention. 

Do we seriously pay for this? 

Who's in charge of picking these options? Can we take a vote? Anyway, you get my point. Netflix is either going downhill, or makes so much money, they just quit caring.

Maybe I should stop binge watching. Lol

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Adding Eyelash Length

Every lady wants those long, thick & fabulous eyelashes. I actually burnt some of my eyelashes on my left eye a few years ago, and they haven't been the same since. 

So.. I started researching some different ways to magically add length to your lashes. Sounds impossible right? 

 It's actually not. I tried this and as long as you stick with it, twice a day, it really works! 

The steps are simple. 

Make sure you have removed all makeup and have a clean face. 
Using a q-tip or lash brush, apply petroleum jelly in an upward motion for five minutes. 

That's it! Do this twice a day until you have the desired results! Thank me later!