Friday, February 10, 2017

The Greatest Valentines Day Pick-Up Lines

Valentine's is the cheesiest holiday in my opinion. Like shouldn't you love your significant other and show them that all the time?! 

Or for the single people, what the fuck are they supposed to do? Eat ice cream & wallow in their single sorrow? 
No, my friends. You're going to go out there and find the pretty/handsome, lady/fella and drop these sweet, sweet lines. 

Your success rate is guaranteed. 

And my personal favorite: 

These are killer, right? Enjoy V-Day! 
& remember, if these fail you, there is always a fallback plan.

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

I Tried The Claw Manicure

Okay so, if you know me, you know I try to keep my nails looking fresh all through the week. I don't go to a salon because I feel like I can do it myself and save the money. (I'm fucking savvy, you know?)

There's just something about having a pretty manicure that makes me feel warm & happy inside. It's like ooooh, girl, get it. 

I've been seeing a lot of new nail trends lately on social media outlets. I love that, because I can easily find new inspiration when I want something new. Not sure if anyone really follows celeb gossip anymore, but Kim Kardashian West is trying to sport a new mani "trend" and it makes me want to chop her hands off. 

OMG. She's piercing her nails with chains and hoops and shit. How do you grab anything? Can you even use your fingers/hands at all? I'm not a fan.

I did however, buy into the "claw" shaped nail trend. I've been seeing so many photos and thought I'd give them a go. They're just different and kinda grew on me. 

The super long ones freak me out, though. They looks like weapons and I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with giving myself that kind of power. 


My nails are longer so I shaped and filed them like the ones below. 

The outcome? I really love them. 
At first, I made the points a bit too sharp and kept stabbing my face. So I filed them just a little to take off that super prominent point. 

I feel like my nails are saying, "Don't fuck with me." & I love that. Lol. 

Do you keep up with your manicure? Or nail trends? Tell me about them!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Kids Are Just Really Weird

Those fuckin' hooligans again. If you hear a loud noise, or even silence, you know that you're probably in trouble. Children will NEVER run out of weird things to keep them entertained. I promise. There is no break.

Not your traditional face painting. But hey kid, do you. I would probably die of laughter if I had to paint her face. Bwahaha.

 Not sure if they thought this was funny or she just wanted to keep him in line. Smart girl! Why aren't more of them catching on?

Who in the fuck would waste ice cream and put it up their nose? A child, that's who.

Odd. But I wish my pool guy would wear a Transformers mask too. Spice things up.

That stage in their life when they're trying to find their inner Britney Spears.

It's really sweet he's feeding his younger sibling. What's up with the mask? New identity? Of course.

Damn. That almost looks too comfortable. Weirdo.

Not sure if this one is weird or living everyone's dream. He made his shitter his home office AND dinner table.

Last but not least. To go along with their extremely odd behavior, they have a fashion sense to match. Whether they're rocking rain boots & a diaper or a pink poncho and a cowboy hat, they will definitely not be in the next issue of Vogue.

& those are just a few reasons why children are the absolute weirdest creatures to roam the Earth. I find its the most troublesome in their toddler years. But you know, I guess people go their whole lives being weird too.

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