Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Real Struggle of Big Boobs

Big boobs bring tons of (unnecessary) attention. What can we do about it? 
Probably nothing. 

Finding a good bra 
Wtf, where?! They're either extremely ugly, the band is too big, or crazy expensive. Someone solve this dilemma for me. 

More support 
I often double-up on sports bras. You can never have too much support, right? 

Covering cleavage 
Unless you're willing to rock a turtle neck, it's almost impossible. Boobs will always find a way to make an appearance. 

Swim suits 
Trying to find a suit to fit over my boobs, and then fit the rest of my body.. I might as well put on a trash bag. 

Cute bras & bandaus 
Aw cute!.. Wait, that would definitely not even cover a nip. 

Clothing yourself 
It's so hard to find something to fit over your boobs and NOT swallow up the rest of you. 

Really, it's a huge struggle. I try to embrace it. But I really can't until I can find a good fitting bra. HELP 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Winter Shivers

Yeah, yeah. It's just now Fall, right?

"I love snow!" "Winter is so great!" "This time of year is my favorite!"
*Rolls eyes*
Yeah, well, ya'll are crazy. It's cold AF outside.

In my personal opinion, the pretty leaves and cute jackets fly by in a matter of days. I always try to prepare myself for the upcoming cold weather here in my area. Is that even possible? 

Not to mention the time change always has my schedule out of whack. 

Snowmen are cool, but I'd like to keep my hands and not look like Rudolph when I finish. No, I'm not the Grinch. I just don't wanna freeze. 

Ridden with arthritis, my body doesn't want to accept 20-degree temps and freezing snow. Although I cannot keep myself cozy & warm inside my home, I would really like to. I stay beyond jealous of everyone living in a climate with sunshine and bikinis all year. How do you get yourself ready for such madness?! I'll tell you my tips and tricks for staying comfortable with the cold holidays approaching... very quickly. 

Layers are most definitely your friend. 
Yes, I'm wearing a hoodie, flannel, and a jacket all at once. What of it? 

Invest in beanies/toboggans. 
Avoid those blood red ears and seriously, cover them up. 

Put up your friggin' flip flops 
It's a pet-peeve of mine to see ladies wearing open toed shoes when it's cold outside. Are you crazy? Do you want to lose your toes? 

Cold medicine on deck
Be ready to fight off germs & make a quick recovery from the sniffles. They're the worst. Vick's Vapor Rub is always my go to this time of year.

Sunglasses are still cool
Even though it's balls cold, the sun still shines. You don't have to squint every time you walk out the door! 
Find yourself a pair of fuzzy or some sort of insulated booties. Keep your feet warm and don't pick a pair that could be ruined with snow soaking into them.
Weather it's a scarf or mittens, any extra length you can take is in your best interest. & you can look cute while doing so!
Sometimes when it's extremely chilled, I like to wear a pair of tights under my jeans. Remember, layers are a friend.
Those vintage ones in your closet, bring 'em out. You can be stylish & warm this Winter. 

Get a REAL coat
No, your favorite jacket just won't work. Purchase a coat that you know you will wear and will bring warmth to your body. 

Cheaper isn't always cheaper
Sometimes the bargain doesn't have the greatest quality, but a thrift store can surprise you with a good deal on a fabulous cold weather outfit. Keep an eye out. 

Fuzzy socks
Even if they are covered in rainbows and unicorns, wear them under your boots. Your toes will love you for it. 

These are just the basics. What do you do to stay warm? Are you going to be prepared this year?  

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Win A Crane Cool Mist Humidifier of choice!

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With cold and flu season arriving, a humidifier is a great addition to have in a room with you. Not only that, but they are great to have when someone or a pet in your household has allergies. 

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!

My favorite of Holidays.
Scary movies and candy, what's better than that?!

In great tradition, I will be spending the day watching all of my favorite horror films, eating candy & popcorn, and being in awe over the awesome costumes that the day & night bring! 

Kinda weird that Halloween is on a Monday.
I don't know, feels like a Friday kind of night to me. 

I wish everyone an amazing time, whether you're with your kiddos or just relaxing at home. Rack up those treats & stay away from the tricks. ;)

Also, if there are any good haunted houses to visit in your area tonight, go out and get a good scare! 

Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone!