Monday, January 16, 2017

DIY Baby Gates

Oh no. Your little one is at that age where they want to tear shit up. Are you prepared? Want a stylish, inexpensive way to block them off? 
This post is for you. 

Barn Door

Full tutorial can be found here:

Plexi Glass

Tutorial here:

Pallet Gate

Full tutorial here: 

Sliding Gate


PVC Pipe Gate

Easy tutorial: 

Plywood Gate

Full tutorial found here: 

Happy crafting! 


  1. I love these! On a fun mom side it cruel to want to sit on one side of the plexi glass door and see how many times the kid tries to walk through it? Kidding...but sorta not.

  2. Where was Pinterest when my babes were in need af a baby gate? Sure beats piling up random items to create a barricade. This is great!

  3. I kinda sorta needed this right now...our littlest definitely has a death wish. Though I got a great laugh from Selena's comment. I can totally see all my kids blowing their faces up against the plexi glass gate.