Monday, December 5, 2016

DIY Marble Coffee Mugs

Want to customize your plain white coffee mug?
All you need is your favorite color(s) of nail polish, toothpicks, disposable pan, and nail polish remover. Hopefully you won't need the remover, but just in case you aren't happy with your marbled effect & want to try again.
The technique is a little difficult to get down, but it's well worth the patience. 

Using the disposable container makes clean up easier. Fill it with hot water. The nail polish dries very quickly, so the hotter the better.

Next, pour your nail polish closely on to the water, so it will stay on the surface instead of sinking to the bottom. To look more marble-y, (is that a word?), you want to use a toothpick and make swirls with the paint in the water. Do this covering most of the water.

Don't forget once the polish is in the water, you'll have to work a little faster, so it doesn't dry before you get the mug dipped. 

& now the easy part. Simply dip your mug into the paint, bottom half is best, and let it sit for a few second to let the paint grab on to the mug.

Take it out of the water, and set upside down on a paper towel to dry. Once dry, you can go over any spots you don't like with the nail polish remover and that's it! Now you have a unique coffee cup that you made on your own!

Enjoy! Happy Monday :) 

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  1. Something that I may not fail at?? Love this idea and I have no shortage of nail polish, sooooo. #TIUT