Sunday, February 19, 2017

10 Reasons Why It Needs to Be Summer Again

You walk outside to grab the mail. BOOM you freeze your balls/tits off. Awesome, right?

I envy everyone who lives in an area where the temperature doesn't drop a degree below 60. Seriously. Trade me spots. Asking for a friend here. 

Not only do the extra layers of clothing take extra time to bundle yourself in, but they make you look frumpy & just uncomfortable.

Winter Layers

Expectation Vs Reality

 While my skin is dry and walking outside makes me want to run away, I can't help but dream about the better times. The warm fucking weather times. Brings out the inner mermaid in me.

If you're like me & live in an area where the Winter months are a drag, you can all agree with me as to why Summer is the best.

1. Tanning
I'm a very pale lady, and I crave sunlight. Laying out in your bathing suit (or birthday suit) is just relaxing AF. Who doesn't love that bronze glow?

2. Driving with the windows down
A nice cruise in mid-July is fucking fantastic. Roll down those windows and feel the warmth and nice breeze. Ahhhh. If you drive a jeep, make sure you put your hair up!

3. More activities
No matter what you're into, warmer weather leaves a bigger window of things you can be doing. Swimming, hiking, fishing, or just sitting outside & finally not being a hermit after that long Winter.

4. Statistics
Studies have found that depression & anxiety seem to peak in the colder months, since there is little to do and no sun to make ya feel a little happy.

5. Sunglasses
Um. Everyone looks fly in their shades.

6. Fashion
I don't know about you, but I'd prefer sandals & tank tops over sweaters & boots any day.

7. Booze
Yes, I know. Booze are good in the sun & snow. Isn't it nice to take your beer outside and cookout? Or take a few shots and hop in the lake? BUT, have you seen these liquor popsicles?!

8. Expenses
So much cheaper since you don't have the heat blasting throughout your home. Who doesn't want to save a buck? Now you can buy booze for those popsicles. ;)

9. No School
I don't think I even need to explain the greatness of not having to get up at 6 AM to get the kiddies (or yourself) ready for school. Are you on board with me on the Summer boat yet?

10.  Camp Fires
In the warmer months, the sun seems to never go down. Unwind in the evenings/night time and build a little fire, surround yourself with a group of kick ass people, & enjoy.

I could probably throw you 100,000 reasons as to why I'd rather it be Summer year-round, everywhere. I guess I gotta remind myself that it's well on its way. I'm stocking up on bikinis, shades, and booze right now, as we speak. Are you ready? :)

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  1. Here in Michigan it is supposed to be sunny and 67 degrees today! Saturday will be overcast and thirty and I will be a grumpy, depressed asshole for sure.

    1. I HATE the bipolar weather! It makes me have a constant cold, & I'm a bitch. LMAO. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I do NOT think I would even survive a week in someplace with a real winter, but it didn't even cool down enough down here to wear a sweater this season - I think it only dropped below 70 for like 3 days and even then, it was still in the high 60s - SO annoying! This post cracked me up, though. I hope you'll be sharing it with us this week over at #FridayFrivolity!

    1. That's fantastic! Sweaters are overrated. :) I'll be there this week! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. WAIT A MINUTE HERE! Did you mention alcoholic ice pops? Freakin'genius!

    I'm also a pale lady, loads of Scottish and Irish genes. Summer is just OK for me though. My husband is way happier, so there is that important trickle down effect. However, MY pale skin never turns that pretty bronzey color, so after 42 years, I have thrown in the towel. I'm gonna rock these white legs as best as I can!

    1. AREN'T THEY GENIUS?! Bet they'll be my go-to treat this summer.
      I think the warm weather makes everyone a little happier, which is always a win.
      I never get super dark even when the sun is out. But hey, a girl can dream. Team Casper!
      Thanks for stopping by!! Happy Hump Day!

  4. While I love summer, it's ridiculously hot and humid here in the mid-atlantic. Give me spring and fall. Those are my absolute favorites. Hopefully winter will fade away quickly for both our sakes!

  5. I'm with you. I cant' wait for the summer. #ShowMeYours

  6. haha ... please check out my recent post if you haven't already. I think you'd like it ... it's along the same lines as yours ... #showmeyours

  7. we are living in the 70's right now, it's beautiful. You can come visit as long as I can come where you are during the summer when walking outside here melts the skin off your face!

  8. Love it! Here in Minnesota it was 67 and sunny on, winter storm warning. Ugh...#trafficjamweekend

    1. I came back again! From #showmeyours. I just wanted to see grandma in sunglasses again. LOL!

  9. You have sold me on Summer. Hurry up and come back sun. I need sunshine and cocktails #FridayFrolics

  10. And Pimms!!!! Summer isn't summer without Pimms.

  11. I'm missing the sun and Summer so much - not that we get a lot of nice weather here in the UK. #showmeyours

  12. Not sure I want the kids home every single day, but other than that I'm right there with you! #fridayfrolics

  13. I'm looking forward to Summer, but I am more of a cosy winter girl. I love my sandals, but I really really love my boots! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

  14. Give me some liquorcicles!!! I can't wait to see how that little "Science experiement" works for me and makes me a better mom!!