Monday, November 21, 2016

11 Lies We've All Told

Whether you keep it all the way real or not, there are some common lies that everyone tells. Or once told. Have you told any of these? Yes. Yes you have.

1. I'm Fine 
Even if your day has been complete shit, when someone asks how you're doing, you say fine. 

2. I have read the terms & conditions. 
You didn't read all of that. You just sold your soul to Satan himself, and agreed to it. 

3. You look great in that dress!
That friend that fishes for compliments, and you give in to it. 

4. I'll be there in five minutes. 
You're still putting on your makeup and haven't left the house. 

5. Sorry! I forgot. 
You definitely remembered. 

6. I'll start my diet Monday. 
It's Monday. Is that pizza?? 

7. Something came up, I can't make it. 
You just put on your sweats and want to watch Netflix. 

8. I'm not even drunk. 
You are so sloppy trashed and that lie wasn't even believable. 

9. My phone was dead. 
You didn't want to talk on the phone. 

10. Oh yeah, that makes sense. 
You didn't understand any of that. 

And my favorite: 
11. No officer, I didn't realize how fast I was going. 
You really want to be a race car driver. Nothing less than 80 mph. 

Happy Monday! :) 

1 comment:

  1. I have said a lot of these, especially agreeing that I've read all the terms and conditions and starting my diet on monday.