Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Real Struggle of Big Boobs

Big boobs bring tons of (unnecessary) attention. What can we do about it? 
Probably nothing. 

Finding a good bra 
Wtf, where?! They're either extremely ugly, the band is too big, or crazy expensive. Someone solve this dilemma for me. 

More support 
I often double-up on sports bras. You can never have too much support, right? 

Covering cleavage 
Unless you're willing to rock a turtle neck, it's almost impossible. Boobs will always find a way to make an appearance. 

Swim suits 
Trying to find a suit to fit over my boobs, and then fit the rest of my body.. I might as well put on a trash bag. 

Cute bras & bandaus 
Aw cute!.. Wait, that would definitely not even cover a nip. 

Clothing yourself 
It's so hard to find something to fit over your boobs and NOT swallow up the rest of you. 

Really, it's a huge struggle. I try to embrace it. But I really can't until I can find a good fitting bra. HELP 


  1. LMAO! I relate to this so hardcore. The world just isn't made for the well endowed. Great post!

  2. haha, brilliant, identify with this X