Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Starbucks Holiday Cup Rant

In utter disbelief that people are STILL genuinely offended by a coffee cup, here's a short rant. 

Starbucks is receiving some major disses because of their new holiday cup. The chain debuted a limited edition green cup. It is meant to represent unity among people. 

So, what exactly is the uproar about? Nothing. People are fucks. Could you find something else to complain about? Like how traffic sucks or how your sock keeps falling off in your shoe? More serious issues to tend to here. 

I mean... Why are we so sensitive about this? Mad because Jesus & Santa aren't cheerfully smiling on your coffee cup, but the togetherness of people doesn't satisfy? Jeeze. You're just going to stain the lid with lipstick (Just me?), maybe spill some on yourself in the car, and throw it anyway when it's finished. Do you really care THAT much?

Starbucks then decided they had to please these crazies and went back to a traditional red cup. Although it's "No Peeking" until November 10, it is said that the holiday signature cup is red with an abstract assortment of holly leaves, berries, and birds.

I highly doubt your favorite coffee shop is trying to erase Christmas with their idea of peace on a cup. Get real. End of rant.

Enjoy your coffee out of whatever cup it's in & get out and vote today! 
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I agree and really some people need to a think about what really is important other then a disposable coffee mug X

  2. I drank my coffee out of a holiday mug, voted and life is good!
    Thanks for the great read!