Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Scary Movie Time

Fall time for me, means sweaters, extra hot coffee, and scary movies! 

I've never enjoyed the cheesy ones, but there's always the classics to get you in the Fall spirit! 

Cool weather may mean you spend a little more time indoors, (I do) so I like to cuddle up in bed, make some extra-buttery popcorn, and kick back to a good movie! 

Here are a few that are on my list of favorites:

 The Shining (duh) - 1980

The Last Shift - 2014 
It's on Netflix, seriously sooo scary.

Freddie Vs Jason - 2003
They're both classics!

Halloween - the whole film series - 1978-2009??
It's that time of the year!

SAW - 2004

Anyone else a horror fan fanatic? If so, share a few in the comments so I can check them out? If I haven't already repeat-watched ;)


  1. These are great picks!

    Why is it Michael can outwalk the fastest runners in the world? Movie faux pas, I swear.

  2. Love your list, it has all my faves!