Friday, January 6, 2017

Why Every Mom Says F*ck

We're all guilty of it. Slipping that lovely 'F' bomb. Some more than others. Nonetheless, it gets dropped. By accident and on purpose. 


When you're a parent. 

I always thought before I had my child that I would really tone down my language and watch my mouth to be a good example. 
& I am. Sort of. 

I pictured myself as Betty Crocker, baking everything on God's green Earth & tucking the sweet babies in at 7 PM. A Mother Teresa if you will.

 How naive of me. After getting left-hooked in the face by motherhood, the picture I previously painted became the lifelong laugh of my days.
This looks more like it:

Or maybe this:

As long as none of you are like this:

I f*cking hate Farrah. Lol.

I love being a mama. It just comes with situations that have me like, F*ckkkk.

I've always had "curse" words in my almost everyday speech. I try not to write on my blog this way too much, I know some are too sensitive for it.
But f*ck 'em.

What a universal word. You can throw it in any sentence, you know? I think it's odd if you don't occasionally use it. It's a stress reliever. Go ahead, it just feels good. Just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I can't say it.

F*ck yeah Martha, I totally f*cking agree.

Here are some prime times when moms say this wonderful word, or secretly want to say it.
  • The kid(s) just broke something.
  • You just broke something.
  • You forgot to grab something. 
  • The wine spilled. (Holy f*ck)
  • School functions. 
  • The sink is full.
  • It's cold outside.
  • Lipstick smeared.
  • Out of milk.
  • You drop something.
  •  The food is burnt.
  • Coffee got cold. 
  • There's a mess.
  • There's not a mess.
  • On your birthday.
  • Not on your birthday.  
You get my point.

Like I said, it's a stress reliever. Being a parent is one of those things where that "frowned upon" word is completely acceptable to use. It was probably my first spoken word, and I turned out pretty okay, right?

When do you use this sentence enhancer? :)

For those with the curse word sensitivity, not to worry. I usually try to filter my posts. But I know I'm not the only one here!

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I'm the worst when driving. I kind of forget the kids are in the back! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    1. Traffic is such a good example! Fuckers don't know how to drive either. LMAO! Thanks for reading :)

  2. Haha, I agree, Yep, we all need to drop the 'F' bomb sometimes. I normally shout "Oh fuckity fuck" when I see the school number flash up on my mobile! #FridayFrolics

    1. Yes! Who got in trouble for saying the F bomb now?!?! Lol thanks for reading :)

  3. Haha must say this in my head (mostly) about a billion times a day.#FridayFrolics

  4. Haha must say this in my head (mostly) about a billion times a day.#FridayFrolics

  5. Fuck yes! Really though...I say it 1,000 times a day. Not always outloud, but still.

    1. It's just a great word. Thanks for stopping by, mama!

  6. Driving. I'm awful and say every cuss under the sun. Then there's the classic toe stubbing fuck inducer. Every time! #bloggerclubuk

  7. Thanks for sharing! There is nothing better than knowing you aren't f*cking alone on this crazy motherhood journey. ;) Damn it - is my phrase of choice and both my kids say it already unfortunately. And EVERYONE knows they get it from me.

  8. As I read your list of why we say this word, I mouthed it with the right way I would let it come out of my mouth. Hahaha. Yes! I'm like you. I drop em like it's hot in the real world, but for fear my grandmother reads my blog one day...I can't be embarrassing her family name. Hahaha. She's the only one I really give a f*ck about. See, I did it. Okay...back to my normal blog way of speaking. GREAT post!!!

  9. Hey how the fuck did you get that pic of me in the kiddie pool? ;-)

    You already know this is a staple word for me & I'll make no apologies for it.

  10. I spend most of the day keeping it clean around the kids, but then after bedtime I often sound like a completely different (foul-mouthed) person...and pretty much for these reasons. Thanks for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!

  11. I'm stopping by again from Traffic Jam Weekend. But really.I LOVE this! Love my fellow "fuck" users!

  12. I think we need to be BFF's and sit in your blow up pool and drink wine and say fuck! HAHA!
    Hilarious post! I'm a fellow F-bomb dropper. I've always had "colorful" language made more colorful by working in the construction industry then further enhanced by having 2 babies 15 months apart. My babies are 4 & 5 and can use any variety of curse words in a correct sentence. (Proud mom moment? Probably not but f'it - they don't use them in public or at school so we're cool....)

    1. oops forgot to add #FridayFrolics

      That's def a proud mom moment, as long as they know when to say it. ;)
      Kids are fuckin great!
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  13. Still love this and I am still mouthing "fuckity fuck" #FridayFrolics

  14. I thought I would totally avoid swearing too but almost 12 years on and I'm still here. I try not to swear in front of them although the odd one has occasionally slipped out (nothing too bad) but I would never swear at them directly. My husband and I replace phrases so for instance instead of 'for f*cks sake' we say 'for fudge cake' - we spend hours giggling at our secret coded language - I think we are just children ourselves sometimes. For anyone who has seen Bridget Jones Baby, the conversation in the car is awesome between Bridget and Shaz springs to mind!!! Lol :)