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23 Trends Guys Hate, But Women Love (Lol)

An old Huffington Post article I stumbled upon talks about 23 trends that guys hate, but women love. & let me tell ya why it's complete bogus.  

You can find this comical article here

I'm going to share my thoughts on the quotes & example photos from the post.
1. Peplums 
I can't say that I love this style on myself, but hey, some can really work it.

 “That top you wore last weekend, the black one. Looks like maternity wear."
“Peplums... I just don’t get it.”

Bish, where though? When I was preggo I rocked over sized tees & sweatpants. The last thing you care about when you're pregnant is looking presentable, right?
2. Beanies 
This really lights a fire under my booty. I love beanies. Doesn't everyone?! Actually, I've received more compliments on my hats from guys than I have ladies.
“I hate how girls wear those knit hats on the top of their heads... it’s clearly not even for warmth... and it looks dumb... always very neon-colored.” 
I'm sorry my style doesn't please you. I don't think I was looking to do that, though. THEY COMPLETE THE OUTFIT OKAY.

3. Wedge Sneakers 
 Wedge sneakers are very in right now, and ya'll dudes wear fugly shoes.
“I hate Isabel Marant sneakers... f*** ‘em to hell.”
 Umm Isabel Marant sneakers are almost $700. You know you want your girl to rock a pair of those. Don't be so salty.

4. Floppy Hats
“There’s this look I would call ‘the bourgeoise bohemian' that involves those floppy felt hats. This look is played out.” 
No, not played out. Say it with me, classic. Or even, vintage. Haters. 

5. Open-Side Shirts
 “Shirts that reveal the sides of their bodies showing their bra... do you know what I mean?”
Don't look. Not hurting anyone with a cute top. Are you in disgust with flip flops too because they show feet?

6. Bright Lipstick
 Woah now. As a lipstick connoisseur, I call BS. What's wrong with dressing your lips up?! 
 “Really really bright lipstick, because gross you’re going to get that on me.”
You wish I would get that on you.
 “It’s like hooker red lipstick.”
So now we're gonna associate a color with a prostitute. What is life? 

7. Heavy Eye Makeup
Define "heavy". Sure, you should definitely make sure you're not crossing boundaries and paint yourself to be a clown. But there's absolutely nothing wrong with playing up some pretty eyes.
“Raccoon eye shadow.”
I think they all have a great makeup game, and are far from wearing too much. Back off. 

8. Bandeau Bikinis 
It's a swimsuit, fellas.
“Bikinis without shoulder straps.”
“Definitely strapless bikinis, they just make your shoulders look like a linebacker’s.”
My shoulders look like a linebacker's, but those swim trunks aren't exactly making those chicken legs look too appealing either. 
You aren't Vogue.

9. Pointy Toes 

“Pointy-toed shoes and boots...”
I'm not exactly a fan. But this is supposedly from a guy's perspective, & I don't think they should care. If they do, give 'em the finger, & work it. 

10. Fake Nails
 “I hate fake fingernails.”
Well, I hate unkempt fingernails. Pick the real struggle. 

11. High-Waisted Jeans
Why would guys care about this? They aren't wearing them.
“High-waisted mom jeans, especially the blotchy light and dark ones (acid wash?)"
 “High-waisted shorts that basically reveal butt cheek. Too much.”
“Shorts so short that the pockets are visible. Why?”
“The return of our moms’ high-waisted shorts is the most unattractive recycled trend going on nowadays... It makes the fittest girl look frumpy."

Oh. My bad. I didn't know my outfit was on the runway today.

13. High-waisted Skirts
Ugh. Again, haters.
“I think the high-waisted skirt thing should probably be over. It’s one of those things where you’re trying too hard, it lacks a certain degree of subtlety.”
Whoever wrote this is trying too hard to make ladies wear garbage bags, because apparently they hate everything else. 

14. Fold Over Ankle Boots
 “Booties with flaps of fabric folded over on top - it looks like the shoes have foreskins.”
That's an odd way to look at a pair of ladies' shoes. Maybe you should reevaluate yourself. 

15. Ultra High Heels 
 “Guys won’t be looking at your shapely physique if your ankles keep buckling and you walk like a toddler with a diaper full of poop and/or a drunk giraffe.”
“I hate when women wear shoes that they know are uncomfortable, and then they complain all night about how much their feet hurt. I’d much rather a girl wear shoes they can have fun in.”
“Heels so high they look like they’re a clown on stilts — and have to walk just as slowly and clumsily.”
I don't think I, or any woman, would wear anything that they can't walk in. Even if they did, they aren't walking for anyone but themselves. Our heels are smaller than your ego. 

16. Pant Suits 
I hate them. But I'm also not a business woman & have no reason to own one.
“Men’s business’re a woman, not a man.”
Well ok, be a douche bag about it then.   

17. Drop-Crotch Pants
I think they are comfy & cute. Guys wear super over sized clothes sometimes. What's the problem?
“Hammer pants. Really, any loose fitting pants that are not either gym clothes, sweats or pajamas.”
“The first thing that came to mind was those horrible giant crotch-pouch pants that I’ve only ever seen really ‘trendy’ girls or Japanese guys wear...No matter who is wearing them, I always picture them naked having enormous, cartoon balls, and so needing those special pants to accommodate their grotesque ailment.”
These comments are too ignorant to even touch. 

18. Hair Bows
A bit childish. I could see how a lot of people may not love this trend.
 “Giant bows in their hair, after roughly the age of elementary school.”
“It’s clothing that is too young for them.”
This may be the only thing on the list that I agree with. 

19. Bangles 
They're in cute, fool. Worry bout ya own bling.
"A gigantic number of bangles, which just gets super annoying when they’re clanging around all the time.”
Sorry, couldn't hear you over my bangles. 

20. Over Sized Sweaters
I LIVE IN THEM. Comfortable & cute. I don't care whose mad.

“Overlarge sweaters — seriously, get out of the ‘80s.”
But I don't want to.  

21. Mullet Dresses
They're called Hi-Low dresses, actually. & they're adorable.
"Mullet dresses (called like uneven something or other)... I just don’t get it — where’s the fucking party??? You are covering the back!”
Whoever spoke these words are thirsty af. 

22. Leggings
 Nope, nope, annnd nope. Leggings are life. Don't diss.
“I’m not much of a leggings guy either. Once in a while is fine, but as a standard pant option, it’s boring and predictable. Florals spice it up a bit but they’re also a little gimmicky.”
Sir, I don't think I want you to try to predict my attire. Creepy. 

23. Shoulder Pads
I haven't seen anyone wearing shoulder pads in forever. If they do, good for them.
“This isn’t the ‘80s.”
Maybe we still want it to be.  

Fear not, men don't hate on any of these. This article was written by a woman.

Good grief. If anyone criticizes to this point, male or female, probably could use a few tips. This is the lamest Fashion Police report I've ever seen.
 Made for a good laugh though!

Happy Friday, and have a good weekend!

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