Thursday, October 13, 2016

Trick People Into Thinking You're Stylish

Putting in the effort everyday to get ready is dreadful. 
What? I have to look presentable? 

 But with these 11 simple & quick tricks, you can look like a fly lady everyday and trick people into thinking you're super stylin'!

Buy an inexpensive faux leather jacket
You can pair a jacket like this with almost everything. Without spending too much on it! 

Plan your outfit the night before and hang it up to make your morning easier
Having your outfit ready takes some of the stress off of getting ready. 

Mix prints & patterns
Sometimes it's okay to clash prints. Once your learn to do so, you gotta own it!

Buy the undies that look cute under your clothing
Find a cute bra to peek out of your top or undies that are comfy and don't show lines under your outfit. 

Check the weather
Know the forecast before you plan an outfit, so you can dress accordingly & be comfortable on any day! 

Do the half-tuck 
For an effortless look. 

Knotted shirt
If you knot your long shirt or blouse at the waist, it will keep it the perfect length for your long day. 

ALWAYS De-wrinkle
Throw your outfit in the dryer before you put it on. Wrinkles just look messy.

Roll your sleeves 
Look like a professional, or just roll 'em up for a new flare to your outfit.

Check out your local thrift shop
Channel your inner Macklemore. 
Who doesn't love a bargain on cute clothes? I've purchased multiple sweaters & pairs of jeans from thrift shops for a steal!

Wear what makes you feel good
Whether you like to be super comfy, or dress it all the way up, make sure you're happy with your outfit. It makes self-confidence go waaaay up. 

I hope you find this helpful too & everyone enjoys! :)

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  1. These are stellar tips. Especially planning the night before. Even though I still end up spending an hour changing up the look I committed to the night before. Ugh.