Saturday, October 29, 2016

L'Oreal Paris Pure-Clay Masks

I recently received the L'Oreal Paris Clay Masks in my BzzAgent campaign. I was really looking forward to trying because each colored mask has a different purpose for different areas of skin on your face. It's nice to address specific problems accordingly!

Each mask, when applied to your face, feels like you're using paint. But after just the first few minutes, you feel your skin start to tighten like you're making a clay mold of your pretty face!

The Charcoal mask is used to detox & brighten the skin. That's exactly what it did and then some. I've never been able to use a face mask and say that after the first use, there were immediate results. I used the charcoal on my chin. I found that it brightened that area and accentuated my lip color. 

The Red Algae mask is used to exfoliate & refine pores. I have HUGE pores on my cheeks and around my nose, so those are the areas I focused on using this mask. Again, just after 10 minutes, I saw immediate results. My skin was softer and healthier looking. My face felt like it could breathe. So refreshing! 

The Eucalyptus mask is used to purify & mattify. This mask reduces the excess oil that keeps your skin looking too shiny. I used this mask on my forehead. 10 minutes later, guess what? My skin looked so clear and my complexion was beautiful. 

It's really awesome that each mask has different ingredients used to target problematic areas of the skin that YOU want to address. For best results, you should apply 3 times a week. This was only my first use, but I will be updating throughout the next few weeks, as I'm sure my skin will be flawless. I'm very satisfied. Shoutout to BzzAgent again! #GotItFree 

If I could change anything, it would be that the jars aren't labeled with their purposes. So once you throw away the boxes, make sure you remember which mask is for what. I wrote their effects on the top of each jar with a sharpie so I wouldn't forget :) 

I HIGHLY recommend these products to anyone hunting for that perfect skin mask.

Happy beauty & happy Sunday! 

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