Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Why I Dislike Starbucks

I love coffee. 

If my heart wouldn't burst, I would drink only coffee and maybe a little soda too. That doesn't stop me from having at least two cups a day.

I have a Keurig. So coffee is super simple & is always made to taste the exact way I want it. If I'm on the go, I just make a cup before I leave the house.

I've always wanted to like Starbucks. I feel like everyone on the Earth is just so infatuated with the place. Let me tell you why I hate it. 

Um, why the f*ck is it so crowded in here? It's a coffee shop with a hundred people in it. Some sitting on their laptops, others are gossiping with their friends. Ew. Socialization. 

I don't know how to pronounce anything on this menu. Wait, why do I have to order the size of my cup in a different language? 
"Do you want to add a shot of anything?"
A shot? Whiskey if you have it. Why is this so complicated? I guess being an upscale coffeehouse, they needed their own lingo. 

Why so overpriced? Like the coffee isn't even that good. Girls in their Ugg boots feel that the money is worth the logo on a cup that they're going to throw away. 

Ugh. I just don't understand what all the hype is about. 

"Coffee is coffee."
Well, stupid is stupid. Everyone has a preference of flavor. So no, coffee is not just coffee. It's the reason why I don't hit people in the morning and the reason why I'm not falling asleep on my office desk at 2pm. 

Do you buy into the hype? Do you make your own? Let me know!

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