Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tie Dye'd Tuesday

I, myseslf, am a sucker for anything tie-dye. Making it, buying it already made.. whatever. The colors and it's general look are really classic to me. 

I wanted to share some cool HOMEMADE stuff that you can do for a good deal, and it's super simple. 

All you need is: 
1 white-tshirt, or sweatshirt, whichever you prefer :)
1 Tie-Dye kit, or individual color bottle
Rubber bands

**Make sure you have a safe, covered surface for the dying process, or take it outside. A plastic bag is best to wrap it in once you're finished and waiting for the color to set in your shirt. And of course a sink to rinse it in.**

That's it! 

The whole process is actually really fun and hassle-free.

You just have to decide what kind of tie-dye you want on the shirt, and rubber band it off as that style directs you. There's sooo many tutorials on youtube, you'll figure it out ;)

Here are a few good videos on the 'Swirl' style.. which is my favorite! Hope you enjoy :)

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