Sunday, March 5, 2017

Braids for Days

Damaging your hair is just the new thing. Between dyes, flat-irons, and trendy ways of styling, it's no wonder healthy hair is so hard to obtain. 

I'm super guilty. You know, the kind of girl that dyed her hair after a break-up, or tossed it up in a knotted-bun just to get it out of her face. I know... Basic. 

About a year ago, I said goodbye to hair dye and tangled up mess in a ponytail. I wanted to let my natural curls run free.

I can't stand when my hair gets in the way of things sometimes. I decided to start braiding my hair for four reasons.

1. Because it's cute
2. There are about 487239 kinds of braids to choose from
3. Easy to learn how to do, with tutorials everywhere
4. An up-do to keep my hair out of my face AND not damage the roots. I want my hair to be long enough to wipe the floor with glitter. (Kidding, kinda.)

Here are a few of my favorite looks.

Your saving your hair from the unnecessary pulling and tugging. & they're so pretty!!

How do you keep your hair out of the way?


  1. I love those pics! The braids are gorgeous! So I can actually get things done, my hair is usually in a tangled mom-bun, which isn't exactly a great look. :-/. #showmeyours

  2. If only I could achieve about a tenth of what these braid goddesses are achieving.

  3. Wow! I wish I had long flowing locks so that I could give some of these a try.